Digital Transformation

Seeking opportunities to digitize the process of help desk procedures? This operation is vital to our everyday line of work, and the more efficient it can be the more positive outcome for all parties involved.


Our expansive solution defies boundaries by consisting of multilingual platforms and universal problem solving across the globe.


AssistIT Global develops creative roadside and other assistance processes digitally by establishing innovative high-tech architecture.


Roadside Assistance

assistIT’s DRSA (Digital Roadside Assistance) platform was developed and constructed for just that purpose.

Our platform is already being utilized by one of the leaders in Assistance Service Providers as it continues to gain attention and interest around the Assistance communities.

Home Assistance

The universal language of assistance speaks for itself! Whether your core customer base relies on roadside or home assistance, our formula for a dynamic process makes operations more seamless than ever.

Insurance Company

Our benefits disregard all limitations and make it available for insurance companies and utility companies alike. The essence of assistance is to allow each party to be satisfied in the process of assistance operations.

Utility Companies

AssistIT Global is here to generate a more logical and smooth practice for all sides of the assistance trade, all while keeping prosperity the ultimate goal.

Why AssistIT?

The standards of the assistance process are rapidly changing in the age of technology. Everyday consumers are moving away from the almost ancient methods of dialing numbers or making physical transactions. Call centers are becoming more of a pricy department then a vital part to the given operation.

The modern times have brought upon the global economy a remarkable change, one which all industries are racing to assimilate to. With AssistIT, this process is navigated and translated to a form suitable for you! Our leaders and developers are working endlessly to bring this practice to the new age, and with much success.

With our solution, fast forward to the times of cost control of a new kind, with ceaseless benefits on the horizon for you and your customers.

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Importance of digitalization

Sometimes clients don’t know exactly where they are.  In an emergency, all people are under stress. They demand immediate assistance.  All in all, this leads to a rather painful process with sometimes distant solutions. 

All too often the number of dispatch and customer service demands increase significantly, leading employees to become overloaded.

Regardless of the circumstances customers will still expect immediate arrangements for their request. 

We are here to support. How can we start?

Our teams are on standby waiting to help you with your next move towards accomplishment! Let us know how we can get you started towards your business and financial ambitions.


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Mobile based

Case generator via mobile app: can be attached photo, inclusive live chat

Easy integration

Settlement and billing transparency: due to the responder app automatic settlement is available (incl. integration with current ERP ex. SAP system)

GPS positioned

Case priorities: cases are located through GPS coordinates and then automatically transmitted to the nearest eligible service provider.

User friendly

Customer identification: validation based on the policy number, automatic loading into owns system. 

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