About us

With over 15 years of experience in the business IT sector, and a dedicated focus on seamless customer service and workflow management, AssistIT Global truly values the process of the assistance trade. This is why the devoted staff at A.I.T. helped to create our outstanding DRSA (Digital Roadside Assistance platform) in order to truly supplement the course of the assistance enterprise. Our utilization of the most current and enhanced technology helped to design our system in the most efficient and innovative manner, in order to appease the obstacles all members of the assistance community face in the 21st century.

András RÁCZ

With over 15 years of experience as an ambitious and reliable leader at executive levels, Andras Racz has displayed more than once his desire to optimize the model of business processes at all levels of efficiency through his profound leadership.

Tamás FÁRI

As a strategic director for several tech companies in the past, Tamás joined the Assistit Global team to fulfill A.I.T.’s vision of a seamless business trade. Tomi’s guidance has continued to advance our solution in the direction of innovative assistance, helping to optimize at every level of the sector.

Levente KOVÁCS 

Levente Kovacs ‘s appetite for the customer service and workflow management divisions of business expand well over a decade. As a past, seasoned executive for several corporations, Levente’s attributes to AssistIT Globals’s solution are solely for those who we intended on expanding it for. His desire to benefit customers and clients alike have helped to develop this universal and remarkable platform in numerous ways.

Matthew McGarry 

As a former customer service manager and free-lance sales associate in the United States, Matthew McGarry has a deep understanding of the needs and wants of all walks of clientele. Matthew’s profound consideration of customer interests has contributed to the fashion our solution was designed, in order to benefit our customers to its utmost potential.